Mimetic ensemble for a church #1

Performance by The Boys and Kifer during “Roberto Casti & The Boys and Kifer – INTROITUS (Parte del Tutto)”, curated by Bite The Saurus, Chiesa di San Giuseppe delle Scalze, Naples 

(varying duration)

Sound installation



Mimetic Ensemble for a church #1 is a performance conceived by The Boys and Kifer for the church of San Giuseppe delle Scalze in Naples. The work is developed through the use of four live designated positions – each one for a different music instrument – located in the central nave of the church. Through the activation of every instrument, The Boys and Kifer enacts a stratification of melodies and different sounds – among which some field recordings collected in Naples in the days preceding the event – with the purpose to create a unique combination of sonorities capable to influence each other and then lose their singularity.

Photo courtesy: Danilo Donzelli Photography