Together Alone 🙂

Video HD (

6.31 min


The video, through the inconstant voice of a narrator, focuses on the importance given to things and human species despite the clear powerlessness towards a universe which cannot perceive us.  The man tries to  importance to himself by the research of a forced congregation. This creates a sense and tries to increase the impossibility of being understood.

Another Sun

Music film

16:9, 78 min


“Another Sun” arises as the music album by “The Boys and Kiefer”, a visual and auditory project by the artist and composer RC. The Boys and Kifer is an imaginary band that works by conventional procedures of musical distribution (music albums, videos, concerts), but, in addition to constantly different performances, introduces alternative ways for the fruition of music by making a contact with visual arts. This research have brought Roberto Casti to direct a film retracing the story of “Another Sun”, that of fact, it’s a concept album. The result is a musical feature film characterized by a translation in images of text and music from the album.

The film opens a window into the life and mind of a boy who has always lived alone in a completely depopulated world, but with recurrent signs of human passage. His outlook on life changes when, suddenly, comes into contact with other people and, above all, with a girl who will help him to understand the dynamics of a new totally alien world.

Somehow the film has tried to put together, through a sense of ever-present duality, the perceptions of two neighboring worlds but completely different. This reflects the choice to shoot the scenes both in Sardinia, in the Sulcis Iglesiente area (but also going to the dunes of Piscinas), which in Milan.

The film was presented and premiered in Gonnesa (Sardinia) September 9, 2016. There will be a second public screening in Milan.

Due orizzonti (Tullio + Roberto)

Oil on canvas, Marker

30×40 cm


“Between 1990 and 1991 I was forced to stay at home because of kidney stones and I was always lying in the room next to the bathroom so I could reach it when I needed. I had to find something to do so I painted a lot. This is the last painting that I did and it has remained incompleted. It is an imaginary landscape.”


“I wanted to create a dialogue with another person, a kind of visceral connection, using a medium that we both know. I like to think that my works were born from this painting.”


The Boys and Kifer – Wormhole Side A (Plag’e Mesu)

Performance, January, 10 2016

Wormhole Side A is a live experiment by The Boys and Kifer which happened on January, 10th, 2016 in Plag’e Mesu (Gonnesa, Sardinia). The concert/performance considered the union of the songs from “Another Sun” with the characteristic atmosphere of the coast in Gonnesa. Wind, waves and colours blended with the music in a unique crescendo, that culminated with the sunset.