X MAL D’UVE (2022)

Workshop/Performance by The Boys and Kifer during Mal d’Uve Festival curated by Scania (Alessia Baranello and Arianna Tremolanti) and Beatrice Roggero Fossati

Oratorio Don Bosco, Nizza Monferrato (AT)

30 September – 02 October 2022

PH: Nicola de Cecchi

During the three days of Mal d’uve festival, TBAK created a music platform inside the Oratorio Don Bosco in Nizza Monferrato. This spot was important to invite people to attract people and invite them to play and create masks. Everyone was free to learn to play an instrument and to play with the others in a sort of three-day concert/rehearsal.

All participants were part of The Boys and Kifer, as to speculate on new ways of living and partying together – staying far from the consolidation of roles and authorities.

EOA was the second attempt to experiment a practice linked to commons and the knocking of gatekeepers on the knowledge transmission.

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