Infesting plants, baler twine, wood, speakers, audio

variable dimensions


Work realized during UVA residency programme and presented during Mal d’uve, festival curated by Scania (Alessia Baranello and Arianna Tremolanti) and Beatrice Roggero Fossati, Oratorio Don Bosco, Nizza Monferrato (AT)

PH: Nicola de Cecchi

During the three weeks I spent in the hills of Nizza Monferrato for UVA programme, I recorded different natural sounds (cicadas, wind, crickets, chickens, flies) that usually compose a common background soundscape of the private properties in the area. I modified them thinking they could take on a different, almost horrific value. I then designed six benches influenced by the imaginary of the hay bales, all cut and assembled without any kind of mechanical process.

PH: Stefano Camera

Installation view at UVA, during the residency programme
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