Music album by The Boys and Kifer,
performance at Marsèlleria (Milan),

14th November 2018

“Where is The Boys and Kifer?” is the third album by The Boys and Kifer, published as an independent production in April 2018 (digital version) and available since May 2018 in a limited edition. The album is structured as a set of collaborations between The Boys and Kifer and authors of the contemporary artistic and musical scene active in Milan and Turin (Alessandro Di Pietro, Death In Plains, Bellagio Bellagio – Matteo Nobile & Natália Trejbalová – , Sara Davide, Roberto Casti, Alessandro Moroni, Enrico Boccioletti and Ramona Ponzini).

Photo courtesy: Marsèlleria

The album launch live curated by Roberta Pagani, presented for the first time at Marsèlleria, hybridizes and flags categories distinctions – visual and sound – finding its place between music live and art performance combining sound, voice and word – both written and spoken – drawing its strength from language power.
During the performance, the sound interventions are mixed with the visual interventions by Luca Setzu, Bea Vinamaki and Jacopo Belloni. Is also available to the public a fanzine with a collection of texts by
Nicole Colombo, Matteo Mottin, Chiara Spagnol, Corinne Cortinovis and Dalia Maini.

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