The Boys and Kifer – Where is The Boys and Kifer? Part II

Performance by The Boys and Kifer at the Academy of Brera (Milan), 17th July 2019

The second chapter of “Where is The Boys and Kifer?” conceived for the Academy of Brera, puts together reading, dance and music interventions but also installations and videos, generating a platform in costant mutation in which the audience is invited to participate, walk, listen and question the nature of the performance itself in relation to elements coming from music and art worlds.
The project was part of the exhibition “A Story That Wasn’t” curated by the students of Visual Cultures and Curatorial Practices. The performance ha included interventions by ALMARE, Pietro Agostoni, Massimo Vaschetto, Ramona Ponzini, Bea Viinamäki, Marco Rossi, Enrico Boccioletti, Micaela Deiana, Roberta Pagani and Angeliki Tzortzakaki.