Solo show curated by Ilaria Leonetti

Sottofondo Studio, Arezzo (IT)

April 30 – May 21, 2022

PH: Andrea Severi

Roberto Casti’s exhibition is a project that combines site-specific artworks, dedicated to Sottofondo studio, and new productions. The works on display are suggestions that lead us to look at the other, what is outside us, at the “here and now”: disturbing elements such as dust, debris and stains on the floor are essential parts of works that – for the artist – become devices of awareness. 

The Outsider (Momento cinque), 2021, print on paper, wood frames, glass, cardboard, radio, audio

Noi siamo qui (Sottofondo)


Plexiglass, various debris, steel, concrete

The main room of Sottofondo is inhabited by a scale reproduction of the exhibition space itself, highlighting what is normally sought to hide and altering the scale of spatial values to we are used to. In fact, inside the model, local waste – such as dust, rubble and other debris – has been carefully preserved.

Suggestion (Stain), 2022, Pigment on the floor

Tomorrow is the opposite of yesterday, but what is today?


HD Video, audio, print on paper

In the last room of Sottofondo Studio, there is a video installation accompanied by a manifesto. This work is made of different videos belonging to friends and people with whom I have a close relationship. This work brings together moments from the past in which all these people felt really present, in which they went beyond their own individuality.

Video contributions by: Amanda Servadio, Andrea Ferrara, Andrea Re, Andrea Sanarelli, Angeliki Tzortzakaki, Astrid Ardenti, Bernardo Tirabosco, Dalia Maini, Elena Castiglia, Elena Marcias, Enrico Medda, Giacomo Cardia, Giacomo Cherchi, Ilaria Leonetti, Jacopo Naccarato, Max Mondini, Michele Metta, Marco Mattana, Martina Sechi, Matteo Mottin, Nicole Colombo, Noemi Fais, Samir Galal Mohamed, Valeria Scema.

When I first came to town, in collaboration with Max Mondini, 2022,
print on paper, glass, dust
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