Playlist on SoundCloud with five different tracks

Installation with different media (print on paper, wood frames, cardboard, glass, radio, audio)

2020 – ongoing

“The Outsider” is a playlist on SoundCloud of outside recordings combined with music improvisation sessions realized inside Casti’s home in Milan during the first lockdown in 2020.

In occasion of the release of the last track ArtsLife published a story written by the artist.

The project is continuing with the realizing of five different installations, one for each track.

The Outsider

“The Outsider (Momento cinque)” relates the fifth track of the playlist, reproduced by a small radio, and two frames; one of these hosts the “cover” image of the track, while the other is empty, it only shows the reflections of the space we are in.

The work invites the audience to overturn and question the “outside” and “inside” rules, intended respectively as places of exclusion and inclusion, marginalization and independence.

“The Outsider” is an attempt to blur these boundaries imagining a continuous exchange between them based on interdependence and alliance.

The Outsider (Momento cinque), installation view during the exhibition of Premio Francesco Fabbri,
Pieve di Soligo (TV), Italy, 2021
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