Performance by The Boys and Kifer in collaboration with Osservatorio Futura and Via Gulli 37, Turin

3th September 2021

In the last year, during the development of Each Other Again, The Boys and Kifer has been animated by multiple voices. Now, more than ever, it wants to be a tool for interdependence and new ways of being together. For this reason, TBAK is now a real open community.

Each Other Again was launched in the courtyard of ViaGulli37 in Turin, on the occasion of Osservatorio Futura’s birthday.

During the whole day we have involved different people, residents included, to imagine and build together the performance itself, its setting and the whole environment.

All participants were part of The Boys and Kifer, as to speculate on new ways of living and partying together – staying far from the consolidation of roles and authorities.

EOA in Turin was a first attempt to experiment a practice linked to commons and the knocking of gatekeepers on the knowledge transmission.

Thanks to:

Osservatorio Futura (Francesca Disconzi, Federico Palumbo, Virginia Valle, Matteo Gari); ViaGulli37 (Giulia Cotterli, Danilo Sciorilli, Claudio Zorzi); Alex G. Iosub; Simone Scardino; Raffaele Cirianni; Simona Zorzi; Denis Dello Iacono.

The Boys and Kifer (Roberto Casti, Marco Rossi, Piergiorgio Caserini, Dalia Maini)

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